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shutdown problem in winXP Pro

I need help when im trying to shutdown my winXP pro it goes to hibernation and i have to swtich off monitor .What i have to do .
thnx :?

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bad bios needed

i flashed my BIOS - yes Rainbow , the one you've helped me to flash , it finaly worked...- well i flashed it the first time and it worked , then the second time i changed the epa logo and flashed it...when i flashed it (with UNIFLASH) i got a warning "bootlock mismatch"..but i choose yes to flash the bios file anyway...i restarted the pc and i got no img @ the monitor , i ...
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Award Bootblock bios v1.0 Need Help bad

I keep getting an BIOS ROM checksum error... I have been trying to read up on this problem on this web page but had no luck yet. I tried downloading a bios file from the board manufacturer (ABIT VL-6) but I had no luck.. I extrated the files onto the floppy but everytime I boot up my pc with the floppy I get sound like its doing something but it never stops and nothing happens ...
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No Video

Hey all-
This problem just happend recently.
Whenever i try to boot my computer up, it sounds like all the drives work fine and everything but i get no video. I reseated my vid card, ram, etc. which did nothing. I also took every component out that wasnt required, but still nothing. I also reset the CMOS but that didnt help. Thinking it was the processor, i switched out the processor with another one but ...
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Soltek SL-63AV+ Problem

Today I try to update BIOS in the Soltek SL-63AV+ mobo:
date: 11/23/1999
version: 02.10
OEM: Soltek
Chip: SST 39SF020 /5V.
Utility: AwardFlash 7.88 (Awdfl788.exe).
New Bios: 63av+-e5.bin.

This utility made well old copy. Then I try to restore BIOS from this old copy (well done too). However when I try to upgrade the new BIOS PC stop runnidg at half time programming. Now my PC is dead! The floppy drive don't work too. ...
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BIOS VOLTAGE - argh...

I think I tried to boot...
okay, I KNOW I tried to boot with an improper bios voltage setting. I have an ecs K7vta3 1.0 Motherboard with a phoenix (award) bios installed. Well, my computer was crashing like mad, and wouldent boot, which is VERY VERY odd for my system. it's been up and running fine for MONTHS AND MONTHS on end.
Anyway, I think what happened was I was having trouble booting into windows, ...
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Is my desk pro dead ?

It seems my daughter changed something in the F-10 setup. Now all it will do is make noise, on video or other life.. I tried esc during power up & reloading rom paq from compaq. Nothing helps.....

Please help.. :x :?:
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Bios Hanging up


I have a problem I have never seen before.

When turning on my machine the computer will start to boot but will 90% of the time hang during the Bios screen.

Sometimes it locks at the very beginning and only shows an incomplete screen.

An example of this is instead of showing the little award ribbon in the upper left corner and the set of numbers that are there it will only show the ...
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no video/ power supply

my power supply blew and i got a new one after i installed it i went to turn the computer back on and i had no video. i cpu powers and the drives start to run but i can't see anything. someone told me to clear the cmos so i did that. i was also told to reseat the ram and video cards. i did that and still no luck. i believe it is a ...
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Bad Flash, question about Hot Flash


I just had a bad flash, the computer froze during flashing the BIOS even though I followed Manufacture's instruction, the chip type is PM29F002, chipset is VIA.

All I have on the other motherboard with 2Mbit chip is 29C020, also VIA chipset, and the motherboard is not made by the same company nor using the same chipset.

My question is that can I still use hot flash method with Uniflash to flash 29F002 hot ...
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