#6817 by winactive_uk
Mon Aug 19, 2002 11:09 pm

I've got an ECS K7S5A and I've loaded the K7S5A+ BIOS rev 1.0A, not realising that it is actually for the SiS745 DDR-only based board whereas mine is the DDR/SDR capable SiS735 chipset.

It allows me to tweak CPU/MEM/PCI clocks, but I get lockups in 3DMark2001SE after a couple of minutes, even at 137/137/34 (mind you GF4Ti4200 is set at 320/644) - it runs OK at this when running at 133/133/33.

I changed from an AMI BIOS by loading the flashpart with the AMINF333 and AWARD BIOS file 5ap730a.bin - all went well and system is stable except when o/c. When I try to load back AMI BIOS 020429.rom with AWDFL788 it says 'not an AWARD BIOS' and goes back to prompt and with AMINF333 it says 'chipset/flashpart not supported, therefore function will be disabled'.

I've tried renaming the AMI flashpart to .bin, but still same error msg. with both utils. Anyone know which AWARD flash util will not check for AMI flashpart?