Hot flashing a 12V chip on 5V board ?

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First of all, thanks to Rainbow for uniflash.

Now, according to my question, can I hot flash 12v chips on a 5v board using the adapter of Rainbow's page?

If can be done, is it safe?

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I've done it a couple of times. You must make sure that the pin which has 12V on it never touches the motherboard socket. Then it's safe.
First insert the chip in the adapter (the correct way), then insert the adapter in motherboard socket (the correct way), then run UniFlash, save the chip contents on HDD and look if it looks like a BIOS (to check if all address and data pins are really connected). Then connect the 12V and run UniFlash again - it should detect the chip correctly now. Flash it (almost always including bootblock), power down and return the chips back where they should be.
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