ASUS P2L97 board with Celeron 600

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I still use an older ASUS mainboard P2L97 with latest BIOS 1010 beta 004.
A few days ago I bought a Celeron 600MHz for a very cheap price. This PGA390 Socket CPU comes with a Slot-1 Adapter. During BIOS phase I see an error message:
<Bios:> BIOS update data incorrect (CPUID=00000683). Update not loaded.
Win98SE starts without any problem but every WINNT-based system hangs during startup. Unfortunately ASUS has dropped support for the P2L-series mainboard. And they have a FAQ describing this error msg. Since I'm already running at the latest BIOS version I need some help from you guys to either patch the current BIOS or ???

Thanks much in advance.
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Seems that the BIOS does not have correct Microcode update for your CPU. Maybe inserting one (using CBROM) from another Asus motherboard (such as P2B) will fix that (or it will kill the board, requiring to hot-flash the BIOS).
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