Laptop Duron 850mhz compatibility with pcchips m810lmr rev3

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I am a little confused with what makes one motherboard or another compatible or incompatible with the laptop line of amd's processors.

Also I've had some laptop chips die in desktop boards, I am wondering what the difference between laptop amd chips and standard ones is.

I also have a laptop xp1800+ 200mhz fsb chip that is brand new that I can't get to fire in my rev5 pcchips motherboard and I think it is a bios issue but it might have overvolted it, though 1.5v doesn't seem that low.

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As far as I would venture to guess, the CPU socket must be compatible, the BIOS must support it, and the Motherboard needs to be able to power the thing correctly and support the I/O properly. Otherwise, how would the CPU know what it is mounted in??

In a desktop, cooling would be easier since you now have room for a better fan/ heat becomes a non-issue...

Laptop chips are probably also more energy efficient (use less volts so the consumed watts/hr is lower), since you only have a battery to run on at times...

Anyone else...???
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Do these mobile processors run without problems on other desktop boards? (Never tried to put a mobile processor on a desktop board myself.)
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