Don't ask how to over-clock.
#53351 by Dus
Fri Aug 21, 2009 11:19 pm
Hi all,

The Sempron 3000+ in my AK79D-400 Max is run at 1600MHz (CPU Frequency detected = 133MHz). The cpu is an SDA3000DUT4D. The board should recognize it as 166MHz FSB capable.
At start up it does show 'Sempron 3000+' and sets the voltage at 1.6V which is good. So I guess Model 10 (Barton) support is only half implemented.

I noticed that for the AK79G-VN board there is a beta BIOS with Model 10 support (1.07 adds Sempron, 1.08b adds Model 10) so I asked AOpen about an update for my board but the engineer can't find the source code anymore. (It's what they said.)
Comparing those BIOSes tells me one thing: I know far too little about this stuff. For one thing both system bios and xgroup have changed.

So if anyone can tell me what needs to be edited (only a default setting 133 to 166 or is there more?) or changed in whatever way please do.