Asrock Conroe1333-DVI/H + Pci Sata VT6421A

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Hi, sorry for my bad english Smile
I need to integrate bios of pci controller VT6421A into bios of my motherboard ASROCK Conroe1333-DVI/H.

When i try with MMTOOL V3.12 i receive an error "Error !! ROM space isn't enought. It exceeded 4D84h Bytes."

I attach VT6421 bios (for motherboard you can see on asrock website because i cannot post url :( )

Can you help me please??? :( :( :( :( :( :(

Thanks very much
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Not sure.

Asrock is using special bios.

Will see what modules in the bios.

Need to take other module out first, then can add sata.

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