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#1101 by KachiWachi
Wed Apr 17, 2002 2:39 pm
Hey all --

I've posted this before in the old forum and over at th's PCChips forum, but haven't had much progress/help since then, so I thought I'd repost it here again in the Advanced Section.

I'm looking to read the CPU Tables in my BIOS to see just what it knows about each one it supports in an attempt to add support for my current one. From the old post and what I have learned since, I won't have to add anything serious, just let it know that mine exists so that it doesn't default to an unknown and hang the board.

Current CPU is a Cyrix MIIv 433GP (3x100). My BIOS shows it as a 6x86L but I can only run it at 3.5x66. Would like to run it at 4.5x66, but the BIOS seemingly won't allow that, even though the chipset registers do not change for the L/MII series (so I've been told). The board does support BF2, but I've never had anything that uses that installed before. The processor was brand new when purchased, so I can only assume it is functional. Motherboard is a DFI 586ipvg Rev. AD+ (all info, manual (.pdf), and BIOS can be found at DFI website).

So all I want to do is add an identification line to the BIOS that is where to go and what to do when you see this...simple as that.

Is there a utility out there that can do this easily, or am I in for a battle?

Thanks for your input.
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