Boot from FW1394 / USB on 4.51PG

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I'd like to add support for booting from Firewire and/or USB to a Award 4.51PG
(Board is a GA-6BX7+). The default bios does'nt support neither of both.

My priority is booting from FW. As far as I undertstand the bios has to deliver Int13h routines for that. I have no onboard FW but like to use a addon PCI Card instead. (Can I only realize booting from FW through a card with a Bios on it ?)

Second is USB booting from onboard USB controller. Are there any Options to modify the Bios to support that ? (Controller is a Winbond w81181d)

Concerning all of this: Can one somehow shuffle the Bios Option for "Boot from" (like: "A, SCSI, U66" )

Thanks a lot !!!
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