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#52031 by JEWilson
Wed Feb 11, 2009 6:48 pm
Small problem with this mobo

At POST, the mobo halts with a CMOS Memory wrong error.
BIOS version installed Release 04/15/2002 S
The mobo reports soft errors as with;
Press F1 To Run Setup
Press F2 To Load Default Values And Continue

However keyboard is dead.
Suspected a BIOS problem.

I have an update BIOS Release 08/08/2003 S
Flashed this image with my Willem
Installed in mobo
At POST have same problem as with orig. BIOS

Noticed the bios image to be 256k compressed
Indicates a 1Mb BIOS
THe DIP32 IC is a SyncMOS U29C51002T-90PC
This is a 2Mb 5V part

To confirm, would this be the problem and source of
CMOS memory wrong message
My POST diag. card reports 8582

LH Code - real time value, RH Code - previous value
AMI Code 82 - KeyB controller interface test over.
About to write command byte and Init circular buffer.
Chk. for printer ports and put addresses in global data area.

Must have processed 83 & 84 implictly
AMI Code 83 - Command byte written, global data Init done.
About to check for lock-key.
Chk. for RS-232 ports and put addresses in global data area.

AMI Code 84 - Lock-key checking over.
About to check for memory size mismatch with CMOS.
Co-processor detection over.
80287 check/test ok.

AMI Code 85 - Memory size chk. done
About to display soft error and chk. for password or bypass setup.
About to display soft error message.
If no video replace video card.

Obviously, POST halts at AMI Code 85

Resolve with using a 1Mb part?

Please advise. Thanks.