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#53123 by RayeR
Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:38 pm
please does anybody have a POST codes for recent Award BIOS 6.00PG? I can find only some for old 4.51PG and some 6.00 for i810 board many years old.

I bought new PCI POST card and trying to debug my mobo Gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L. I have light O'C system with E8400 clocked at 389 or 400MHz. It runs 100% stable during operation but sometimes occured that when I turn on the PC it will not POST (blank screen) it turn off itself and turn on again with default FSB clocks. Then I have to go to SETUP and reload my O'C profile, reboot and it works again. This happen very randomly but last week it was very often. So I'm trying to debug the point where it hangs. My observation is:
normal boot:
power on - 77, 33, DD, C0, C1, 54, 33, DD, C0, C1, C3, 18, 25, 26 - boot

boot failure and reverting M.I.T. FSB settings to default:
power on - 77, 33, DD, C0, C1, 54, 77, 33, DD, C0, C1, 54, C1, C3, 18, 25 - 77, 33, DD, C0, C1, power off

So normal boot end up with code 26h and failure boot end with 25h. If I would know the POST codes maybe it will reveal the problem.