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now this is the problem .....
i'm working in computer sales....but i sale computers by payment ....
my country deosn't support any kind of banking help or credit card...
the law also is not very helpfull too ...cause it can't afford me in bringing back my money...
i tried all the software solution ...but it was easy for custmer to run away with that ....
what is the way can i solve that ...
after i get that problem with the bois ....& nicks help me for that ...
i get an idea ....why i dont put a small program in the bios ...that can stoped the computer evry month ....( for sure with out any harming to the data on the computer it self ...just stoping the bios from working ....
first ...i wanna know if that is legal ...then if it is ....can any one help me with this program ...
in fact i lost till now something like 12000$ .....cause custmer ware able to run away from paying me was a desaster for me ...
any way ..i'll be thankfull for any help or advice .....
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If such a thing were possible, you'll have to find out if it's legal in your country (Syria?). International laws do not always apply.

Regarding the addition of a program in BIOS.... after one simple BIOS flash, back to the drawing board....
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claude_fr wrote:i tried all the software solution ...i get an idea ....why i dont put a small program in the bios ...that can stoped the computer evry month ..
If the software solution does not work because the customer is smart enough to remove the software protection, why do you think they are not smart enough to flash the BIOS ?

I would guess that it would not be illegal if the buyer agrees to it.

Anyway, something which would be perfectly legal would be to use MODIN/MODBIN6 to change the OEM message in the BIOS, e.g. "This PC remains the property of Claude FR until fully paid for", or "Contact Claude FR on 0066 1234567 for support ".

You could also put your own logo in place of the EPA logo.
What would be really nasty and cause potential trouble for support techs would be to change the BIOS ID string - not so easy - and replace part with your own ID. This could make it difficult for the to upgrade the BIOS.
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I didn't read the rules
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You're doing something very wrong if you're really having this problem. A sane businessman will always make sure he either gets paid or can reclaim his wares otherwise.

I have devised and used such hardware (not in BIOS) that disables the computer after a certain amount of time. This was when I had people renting machines from me. Many times they would "forget" to return them. A letter reminding them that the rent just went up 50% and a seemingly dead computer made them return the stuff real quick.

All it took was a realtime clock chip with an alarm function, piggybacked on some other chip in the machine. Cheap and effective. But I would try to find another solution today. Several customers thought that my machines broke down often. Bad for my reputation. One customer prolonged his contract by phone and I couldn't physically get to the machine. Very bad for my reputation...

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