K6-2+ support on pcchips M572 with AMI Bios?

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I've got a pcchips M572 motherboard with an AMI bios and I'd like to get it running with a K6-2+ 450Mhz cpu.

The board has an Intel TX chipset and supports 2.0V Vcore.

I've flashed it with the latest pcchips bios I could find (990224s.rom), but when I try to boot with the K6-2+, it just hangs at checking NVRAM. It identifies the CPU as an "AMD3366", which I don't think is quite right. I've disabled all cacheing of the bios, to no avail.

Incidentally, it boots fine with an Intel Pentium 233 MMX.

I suspect that I need to patch the bios to recognize the K6-2+.
I understand that this is going to require some assembly language programming, although it's been awhile since I did that.

What are people's views on the best tool to use to extract the AMI bios?

Also, can anybody point me to some information on how I can locate the CPU table, as well as whether there is anything else I need to do to patch the bios to get the K6-2+ to work?
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BIOSMan here may be able to do that for you, or help you in doing that yourself...see his website...The Unofficial AMD K6-2+ / K6-III+ page.
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