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#27303 by Lefteous
Wed Sep 01, 2004 8:32 pm
I have the follwoing behavior on all tested graphic boards:
When I power on the computer nothing will be shown on my screen. When I reset power off and on the video appears on the screen.
This doesn't work always. Sometimes I have to do this several times. Another way is to turn on the computer and wait for the
graphic board to switch from VGA to the mode used in windows. This works quite seldom.
I also observed that it works more less when the computer has been tuned off for a while.
Everything works fine when I use a PCI card!
I have tested several displays (CRT, TFT, attached using D-SUB and DVI, different cables).

machine info:
MS 6117 Bios 3.2 (patched to support 128MB)
Pentium II 233

Tested boards:
Matrox G550 AGP (32MB)
Maxi Gamer Phoenix AGP(16MB)

Matrox Millienium II PCI (4MB)

Thanks a lot!