Asus P2B BIOS newer than 1014 BETA 001

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Just flashed my P2B-F. No issues.
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Flashed my P2B yesterday (from Windows using Asus utility). I will try my Tualatin again (didn't work with BETA 002).
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Anybody know what the beta3 entails? I never tested, but there was sord that the 002 still didn't correct the multiplier bug. I'm wondering if this is another attempt. Just curious if anyones found any information on the new beta, I haven't been able to find any.

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By the overclocker forum, the new bios should solve P2B multiplier problem, but still it's not confirmed for 11 multiplier.
read here: ... did=111544

I would test it with 12 multiplier (Tualatin 1.2 ) next saturday.
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So I've tried Celeron Tualatin 1.2 on my ASUS P2B ver 1.10 with proper voltage regulator and I can confirm that multiplier 12 is working well. I have to make AK4 - AK16 bridge yet, 'cos it freezes at Windows start.
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I have a 1.4 Ghz Powerleap CPU upgrade processor who's stepping (4) is not included in the most recent ASUS P2B BIOS (1014.003). My processor's CPUID is 6B4. Has anyone been able to update this BIOS with an additional CPU microcode update so that the BIOS is compatible with my processor?

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There was a post further up in the forum about adding tualatin support. Apple_rom's utilities modified my p2b-s bios and added 6b4.

Code: Select all

C:\Documents and Settings\jason\Desktop\bios>bp-4rc_C.exe 1014s.003 /e
BIOS_Patcher ver. 4.0_RC.C from "Second_Hope utils".
Warning! Recommended for power-users!

Found 2Mbit BIOS (4.5x)!

BIOS-PartName Segm:Offs  Compress/Real_Size "Official" name - what`s meanining
pci32.rom     0800:0000 0000:4FA5/0000:8000 ~"PCI.rom" ~ SCSI-BIOS
8bios901.csm  4004:0000 0000:AA01/0000:B000
awardepa.epa  4002:0000 0000:0279/0000:0642 "awardepa.bmp" - EPA picture
ACPITBL.BIN   4003:0000 0000:0A54/0000:1D08 "ACPITBL.bin" - ACPI table
cav_shdw.bin  4007:0000 0000:1329/0000:2086 "VRS.rom" - antivirus
modul.tmp     4E00:0000 0000:033F/0000:0E6E "modul.tmp" -  BIOS Patcher file
cpucode.bin   4001:0000 0000:554C/0000:A84E "cpucode.bin" - microcodes
stn.bin       5000:0000 0001:4CEA/0002:0000 "original.tmp" - MAIN part
CPU_microcodes (CPUID/version/type):
06B4>0001/Sock  06B1>001C/Sock  068A>0001/Sock  0686>0008/Sock  0686>0007/Slot
0683>0014/Sock  0683>0013/Slot  0681>0011/Sock  0681>000D/Slot  0673>000E/Slot
0672>0010/Slot  0665>0003/Sock  0660>000A/Slot  0653>0010/Slot  0652>002A/Slot
0651>0040/Slot  0650>0040/Slot  0634>0035/Slot  0633>0034/Slot

if you can`t see all messages - choose 80x50 mode or run with ">report.txt".
(c)2002 apple_rom,
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