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#30585 by motapo
Sun Mar 27, 2005 4:53 pm
I have (probably) a BIOS configuration problem when trying to make the old ISA 3c509 NIC work with a (not younger) PC with Award Modular BIOS 4,51PG.

In particular - running the 3c509's "preinstl" is giving back the number of available IRQs (5, 9, 12) and in the next step: "PnP BIOS has not been detected in your computer, follow to disable the pnp by 3c509..."

Seems like both Award 4.51PG and 3c509 ARE pnp...

I have been trying all I could find over the net - i.e. various combinations of PnP/ISA vs. Legacy ISA settings for the IRQs listed in the BIOS, changing the settings which - as I read - have sth to do with it - but no success. It plays a role for me since i have a few of such cards - and I am planning to build up a home network of them - if I manage to make them alive...

Seems like I need to ask if anybody has the idea what it is.
Maybe anybody could tell me where I can find the more detaily manual for the BIOS/Motherboard.


Motherboard: Lucky-Star 5I-VX1/1B/2/2C,

BIOS: Award Modular 05/30/96, P54CE REV.F RELEASE 5/31/1996, BIOS REV.F03 UM8669

OS: W95, W98