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#28537 by ehboy
Fri Dec 03, 2004 11:20 pm
Hey Guys... I do not have specific bios version or anything (at work right now) but i believe my computer fell victem to a Bios Virus.

Upon boot, the system would hang just after drive checks. Approx 3 minutes later i'd get a HDD non detection error. I've checked all obvious connections, drive sequence in CMOS etc. I decided to junk the machine, use the Ram in my other computer and move the 40GB HDD in my other computer (Not thinking that it too was infected). So i went through the installation of the drive & Ram recognized immediately.... computer crashes while making boot disks in Windos2Kprofessional. Upon booting up this PII450MHZ machine, it too hangs at the same spot the other did. I've checked everything... i cannot get the BIOS to recognize even my 4gig HDD alone. I hit Alt+F2 to enter the AWARD Flash Utility and suddenly Smily Faces, Musical Notes and other "wingdings" type characters appear in the middle of the screen... Computer frozen. Also, several lines of my config.sys are corrupt suddenly.

?- What is the process for re-flashing the BIOS? and will this be effective to a Bios Virus?

?- I imagine that i Transferred the virus to my other machine via HDD.. so is it possible for me to "LOW LEVEL" format my HDDs and confidently erase the virus?

Please Help, Respectfully,

Shaun F. Flanagan