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#21584 by corystes
Sun Nov 30, 2003 7:18 pm
Flashed an upgrade from for award BIOS. Message said uprade successful but now get following glitches.
a) power on (mostly) only works if button pushed repeatedly very fast.
b) internal generic 56k soft modem is not detected - diagnostics nor troubleshooters find it.
c)repeated warnings in event log that time service has not been able to synchronise system time because no time providers can provide usable time stamp.

Help seriously wanted, but treat me gently 'cause I'm a virgin at this!

BIOS info:
type: award modular v6 00PG
ID: 10/29/01-8363-686B-6A6LMQ19C (updated to 10/24/2003)
chipset: VIA 82C305 rev 3
superio: VIA686 rev 64 on port 7h
OS: windows XP version 5.1.2600
CPU: athlon XP 1333Mhz