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#23310 by rjplun
Mon Feb 02, 2004 6:52 pm
I bought a board on EBay. It posts fine but produces the message CAP security: Boot from HDD is prevented

Nothing in the BIOS seems to control this message and I have tried clearing the CMOS - doesnt help

The bios string is 07/24/2001-8605-686A-6A6LLF09C-00, which makes it a FIC board. Checking yahoo search implies PM133 chipset, but I cant find the board on the FIC site. It is S370 with AGP, 3 PCI and 2 Dimms.
The first screen shows a Hewlett Packard menu, so the board must be OEM, but the HP site is positively unhelpful.
The word VERONA is printed on the board in large caps ( no other identifier) and there is a sticker with Award 1999 oem/m6 269839557 in the corner.

How can I sort this out?