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#54142 by bozicaleksandar
Sun Dec 13, 2009 11:01 pm
Helo,again.I have problem with sound.I solve problem with Bios(when OS Win XP can start and I in BIOS set "load optimized value"-That was solved,but I still have problem with sound.I dont hear anything when windows start and when I play music I cant' hear anything.I install original utillity for Motherboard which including
drivers for sound,but nothing happend for sound.I check hardware component and saw that I have sound device card attached at Motherboard.This device is for more speakers and have 4 in line jack(female)Green,Blue,Pink and orange,But when I put in AC97 Audio Configuration Speakers setings Number of setting 2-channel mode for stereo output and Do Conector sensing the computer find speakers but says that "audio devices may not be connected properly" and says "Please refer to correct connection and check below connectors:Line Out"
I put jack in green jack(female)- Like on my second computer,but on this computer dosen't work.
Please tell what to do.
Thank you very much.