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#55715 by obiwan
Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:50 pm
Hi guys,

I believe you (all) are the only one, who can help me.....

I have seen many threads within this forum regarding "patching" the whitelist of several HP BIOS-files.
I can say, I have a lot of knowledge about computers, but changing BIOS-values seems too hard for me to do it by myself.
So, can anyone help me to change the values for a new WLAN-card in my BIOS-file ?

At the moment there is a Intel pro 4322 card plugged-in (A/B/G) (i hope i remember right about the card....)
I would like to use a Intel WiFi-Link 5300 card (B/G/N-Standard), which supports up tp 300 MBit.....

I've downloaded the newest (hahaha...from 2007) firmware-file from the HP FTP-Server. That means I should have the original BIOS-File.
But what do I have to do now ?????

You would help me a LOT if pathing the whitelist would be able !!!! Because I don't plan to buy a new WLAN-Card from HP for ~ 140 US $

Thanks !!!!