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Fri Sep 09, 2005 6:22 am
zonxar wrote:Strange, the link works fine for me.

This information applied to :BIOS ID error

Doc. No. 30001922
Date 2004/07/18
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What should I do when there's error message of "BIOS ID error. Are you sure to program?" upon flashing BIOS with "Winflash" or "Radarsync"?

Answer :

Please click "No" and quit the "Winflash" or "Radarsync" if you faced the warning message of "BIOS ID error. Are you sure to program?" upon flashing BIOS. We suggest you using "Diamond Flash Image" to flash BIOS, instead. If you still prefer using "Winflash" or "Radarsync", please remove the original version and re-install the version downloaded from URL

If you click "Yes" and keep on program, you will face "BIOS ROM Checksum Error" and the keyboard will freeze. If this symptom already happens, please check with regional retailer or distributor for RMA service for replacing BIOS ROM. If you can replace BIOS ROM by you yourself, please send request along with address and contact phone number to following e-mail addresses. Upon replacing BIOS ROM, please watch out the identification of pin#1.

Northern, Central and Southern America - ""

Europe - ""

Other Areas - ""

Below this quote there is a graphic image of the WinFlash utility in action.