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My computer froze.
So I tried to restart. (i forced restart)

then my computer went dead.

It's processor is on.
but none of the keyboard, display, mouse is working.
monitor turns on and there's no message or whatsoever, it turns off in 10-20 secs.

I dunno what to do.

it's not rebooting, and stays in same condition.

Plz, Help Me!
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Your board might need physical inspection.
New visitors - please read the rules.
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alright what you do, is open your computer up and there will be jumpers. if you dont know what jumpers are they are little square things sticking out of your motherboard and theyre connected to 2 or 3 pins and there should be like 2 or 3 jumpers. remove and replace them one at a time, and this should reset your bios. your computer should work
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