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#56869 by Jimc
Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:08 pm
Any help in solving the following problem is welcome. I was encouraged when I read a posting regarding a short tower Gateway 2000 problem that was solved by edwin.
This older computer, most components were made in late 1994; supports a DOS program and related printing. When the CMOS battery died and was replaced, I got the message, "3F8h COM address conflict". I have tried using F9 and then F10 to restore the functionality without success. The motherboard is 8.5" X 9.0", +/-. Most of the memory is unused, and the only attachments are the mouse, the CRT, the keyboard and a simple printer that had worked well before the battery died. I re-set the time, and that continues to be correct. The computer runs under "safe" mode, but will not print in that mode. I have tried a series of various combinations of BIOS settings beyond simply restoring settings, but the address conflict message is still there. Thank you for having this site out here.
Jimc 8O