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hi I want to update my wifes pc's bios her mother board is an M7VKB and her bios number is 10/06/2000-8363-686A-6A6LMB09C-00 made by award modular bios however I have no freaking clue how to do it been to a bunch of sites that offer programs that can identify the above with tons o links to bios updates supposedly..... then I get there they say o you need this program to flash this then u run this and stand on one leg read a manual fart pluck your eyebrows and poof its updated. I have no clue what there talking about is there an easy way to do this ? is there a program I can run from windows like on my dell ? I just need simple instructions for a simple person and point and click sorta stuff if possible or some really detailed help for a really simple person:). the reason I am trying to update it is whenever i turn on the pc it freezes at veryfying dmi pool or it makes it past that and says non system disk error (no disk in, all cables attached) long story short some site listed that those are signs of boot sector problems or time for a bios update so.... if you could give me some help point in the right direction or kill me so I dont have to deal with it ill give you a ride on the wifey :)
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Start with our FAQ and Collected Wisdom forum.

I'd look at a HDD diagnosis before trying to flash.
Flash your BIOS at your own risk.
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