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#25286 by Tomahawk
Tue Apr 27, 2004 3:41 am
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#25286 by Tomahawk
Tue Apr 27, 2004 3:41 am
Thanks for your site, novices like myself find these types of sites very helpful.

I installed a 20g hard drive on an old computer, but it won’t recognise it which I assume is a Bios issue.
Having reviewed the information on your site, I was able to ascertain that my BIOS ID string is:

This caused me some alarm as it appears that I have an illegal BIOS.

Chipset : Intel Triton VX chipset (Socket 7 based m/b) with an illegal BIOS
Hardware vendors : Tyan
Note: The Award BIOS id for Tyan is T5. There is one exception: if your BIOS Number starts with 2A59H and then t5 or T5, then your motherboard was not manufactured by Tyan. 2A59H indicates an illegal chipset id which might mean that the manufacturer (not Tyan!!) did not pay Award for the BIOS core.

So now I’m not sure who the Motherboard mfg is or where to go to get an upgrade from!......Or am I stuck with what I've got?

Would appreciate if someone could assist me!

Thanks in advance.