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#1685 by chrisblack
Tue Apr 30, 2002 5:16 pm
I have a logitech quickcam express which my m590 will not recognise on the usb port. (atx form card).
The usb port works fine with my umax scanner and the camera works fine on another computer.
I have been told that it is a problem with the sis530 chipset.

I've done all logitech and usbman suggestions - uninstalling/reinstalling software - clearing out device manager in Safe mode..

Any suggestions short of buying usb/pci card????

Also anyone had any luck in getting responses from PCChips or SIS support??????

My system is
M590 (8mb agp version)
1209s bios
k62 400 proc.
128 mb pc 100 sdram
win 98se