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#17349 by Nad1010
Wed Jun 18, 2003 1:34 am
Hope someone will be able to help me...Computer was messing around a cut a very long story short...i now have two harddrives. Both are reported as having a size of 319GB by the automatic thingy on startup when you press F1...If i try to install windows on either harddrive, it is reported as being corrupted...What would cause this...If it is the BIOS, how do i go about fixing it....if the motherboard, which one would you recommend for me to buy to support a 1400MHz AMD processor & 512MB (not DDR, the other one) RAM.

Thanks for any help.

PS i really know NOTHING about BIOS or took me ages to find out it could even be related to this mythical BIOS thing..if anyone knows what is wrong..please please treat me as if i know nothing about BIOS related subjects..i.e. if you say flash something, i would take it the wrong way :wink:

thanks again