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#20628 by jaymz
Fri Oct 24, 2003 10:57 am
My serial mouse does not get detected on either of the ports. i tried an old controller card which had 2 com ports enabled on it. Still my os does not recognise my serial mouse. My system's battery charge level is low and therefore the system bios reports a checksum error. I checked the condition of the battery and it had already started leaking. So i removed it and tried connecting a new one (CR2032 3v battery). The older battery was a different model which had an output of 3.2v 60ma. Even after changing the battery the same error is being reported by the bios and the system does function by loading the default values in the bios. Do you think that the system does not detect my mouse bcuz of the checksum error or is it bcuz the system loads default values in the bios. I did check up the default values and there are no entries were a com port is disabled.
Pls help me out on this one.