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I need a replacement Driver CD for PCCHIPS M810! The CD I need is version V7.85B, it also says System Board PC133 on it. Maybe one of you has it and could make me a copy? It is broken and I can't get get the computer going without it! I can't get a phone number for PCCHIPS and can't find any way to contact them from their website. Will to pay something for your trouble!
Thanks :)
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You don't need any CDs - the drivers there are always old (when I'm installing new board somewhere, I always put the CD aside and get drivers from internet). Get the latest drivers for your chipset (SiS730) http://www.sis.com/support/driver/step1.htm. Some drivers are at http://www.pcchips.com.tw/driver.html too but I suspect that they're pretty old.
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Thank you Rainbow, but--- if you have the CD I need I really would rather have it, old or not. It has an auto installation feature and I really don't know what I am doing with computers. It is a computer I got for nothing and I want to get it going for my dad who really only needs email and internet plus a little word processing. I got to this site trying to find a number or email for PCCHIPS!
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You might consider expanding your request to a wider audience by posting at the PcChips Lottery Discussion Forums at:
http://www.stud.fernuni-hagen.de/q39981 ... LastLogin=
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I have that CD, if you still need a copy. I'm in the UK. Regards
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