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#29738 by luncheonticket
Thu Feb 17, 2005 3:34 am
Is there any way to enable AGP fast writes on these motherboards? they are the ones with integrated processors (this one is the one labeled as Pro 1400+, which is a 950 MHz Duron oc'ed to run @ 1 GHz)

the thing is, I recently bought a 128mb ATi RADEON 9200 AGP card for this motherboard (Asus A9200SE/TDN) and i can't enable any of the AGP acceleration functions: the ati smartgart app doesn't let me enable AGP writing functions, and if i enable AGP reading functions, any 3d app using OpenGL will hang the computer (infinite loop, prevented by ATi VPU Recover)...

anyway, the system specs are these:

Motherboard: PCChips M810LMR V8.1
CPU: 950 MHz AMD Duron running @ 1GHz (9.5x105MHz)
RAM: PC133 512 MB SDRAM (2x256MB modules)
VGA Card: Asus A9200SE/TDN, 128MB, AGP8x (running @ 4x)
BIOS Release: will check soon, after i restart my PC
OS: Windows 2000 SP4, recently installed, with all updates and DirectX 9.0c
Driver: latest ATi drivers (v6.14.10.6512, 19/jan/05), tried both the ones with Catalyst control panel and the ones without it. SiS GART Drivers v7.2.0.1170 (18/jul/03)

if anyone has a clue on how to solve this, please answer!!

thanks in advance!


M810 BIOS Release: 05/13/2003 S
M810 BIOS ID: 62-0513-01131-00101111-071595-SiS730S-M810LR7-H

i was thinking, this motherboard seems to have a stripped-down bios setup app. maybe trying a full m810 motherboard bios in it will work, as those (the older ones, which didn't have the embedded processor) had the agp fast write on/off option in the setup...