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Hello everybody, it's my first post...

A weird thing happened to me so you must belive me please, 'cause i'm not crazy but i'm definitively goin' to...

I used to have an Asus mobo and i always managed with the bios, so i knew my bios very well...

I have two hard disks on my pc, so i used the bios to change the drive to boot from.

A few months ago, i've changed the mobo with another (Lex) and the bios screens remained the same as the asus, so nothing strange.

Yesterday, my first Hard Disk has broken... but the system started autoamatically with the second, crashing before reaching the desktop.

I turned off the pc, changed the disk broken with a new one, restart the system and... i don't know how to explain: THE BIOS SCREENS ARE NOT THE SAME ANYMORE !!!!

Now its like the giga-bite screens (Blu/Red, understand ??) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The mobo is still the same !

Any ideas ????


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