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#19585 by arcadesdude
Mon Sep 15, 2003 2:29 am
I'm wondering if this heatsink fan (cooler) will fit my motherboard.

The hsf in question is here:

Volcano 9 ... 1=148+0470

It says it will fit socket 370.

My motherboard (the M5SAA seen here ... _M5SAA.gif ) has a socket 7 connection type for the hsf/cpu (The cpu is an amd k6-2 400 soon to be replaced with a 550).

I read that the socket 370 hsf might be compatable in a socket 7 socket (though, of course, the cpu is strictly socket 7).

It has some capacitors around the cpu and I'm wondering if there is enough looks like a [very] good cooler otherwise...but...

Does it fit?