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#11602 by klaus2000
Thu Dec 19, 2002 12:12 am
Hi can somebody please patch this Bios to support HD> 64GB (currently it only supports 60/65GB according to various postings on the net.)
W6190ZXM7 V1.8 040300
This mainboard is an OEM special version from MSI produced for "MEDION" and not supported by MSI-the most recent BIOS from MEDION is ver 1.8 which has the 64GB bug. (BIOS available at =>"Service Pool"=>"Treiber&Updates"=>"Treiber"=>"BIOS"=>"PC-BIOS"=>"MD 9901 (ZX-Chip) 1.8 29.11.2001"
I want to use a new seagate barracuda V 120GB with this board.

THX a lot.

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