160GB: 62-0310-001131-00101111-071595-SiS730S-K7SEM

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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Yesterday I wanted to upgrade my K7SEM V3.0C board with a new 160 GB Samsung harddisk. Unfortunately this board has the adressing limitation too and reports only 128 GB, although I upgraded to the newest BIOS.

Is it possible to fix this bug to get the full capacity?

The exactly information shown by the bios agent is:

BIOS Date: 03/10/03
BIOS Type: American Megatrends
BIOS ID: 62-0310-001131-00101111-071595-SiS730S-K7SEM
OEM Sign-On: K7SEM Release 03/10/2003

Thanks Jürgen
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AMI Bios - not patchable
Tried to ask ECS Tech support ?

Please go over to the M810 FAQ page - the same board but whithout Onboard CPU : http://radel.inet.net.nz/m810lmr.html

K7SEM Rev 3.0C should be the same as M810 Rev 7.1C

A very active M810 Forum is there : www.rhcf.com
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