80GB: 05/29/98-i430tx-w83977-2a59ia1fc-dz

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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I have a ab-tx5 mainbord and i want to instal a maxtor 80 Gb harddrive, but my mainbord does not recognized it.

Mainbord id is 05/29/98-i430tx-w83977-2a59ia1fc-dz

I hope some one can help me

Greetings Mark
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Edwin has patched a BIOS for this but it is untested.
Check out http://wims.rainbow-software.org/edwin/
As usual:
- you flash at your own risk
- read and follow the flash utility instructions.
- we recommend you clear the CMOS ( take notes of how it is set up first if you want) after flashing - use /cc and /cd switches with the Award flasher.
- remember that you *may* need to run the HDD manufacturer's utility to reduce the transfer rate of a UDMA66 or UDMA100 drive to UDMA33. See the post "links to ATA mode setting utilities" in the "Collected Wisdom" forum at WIM's BIOS forums.
- if you have already used Disk Manager, EZ-Drive or similar, getting rid of it may be VERY hard. You will probably have to "fdisk /mbr", repartition and reformat the disk and maybe run the manufacturer's utility to reset the disk size.
- remember that FAT32 in Windows 2000 does not allow single partitions over 32GB in size - an operating system which supports NTFS partitions is required.
- remember that for Windows 98 an updated FDISK is required from Microsoft to handle disks over 64GB in size. FORMAT may also have issues displaying the correct size but should work.
*Please note that to simplify the automatic patching process, the disk capacity display has not been patched and the capacity may not be displayed correctly in the configuration report screen or CMOS setup. For example, a 120 Gbyte disc could show as 2139 Mbytes.*

Good luck.
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