GIgabyte g1 guerilla 3tb+ support broken in official bios

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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hello. good day. i got a g1 guerilla board here.
and it has big bios bug..
the board received a bios update to support 3tb or larger drives.
well.. the problem is. it only works for one 3tb+ connected drive
if i try to boot the system with more than 1 4tb drives connected (2 times 4 tb in my setup)
it wil get stuck on "verifying dmi pool data" (i also disabled the sata 3 controller)

the 3tb bios update does not allow the sata 3 controllert o accept 4tb drives (not required.)

the bios is a AWARD bios the motherboard link to latest bios download (the one i updated too)
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Reset the bios to defaults before and after the bios update. That usually takes care of anything left behind in the DMI pool data area. You have tried both disks separately? You are sure not one of them is dead by itself?

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