BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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I'm looking for an updated BIOS for my Award Modular BIOS v4.51PC. My current BIOS is dated 12/17/1998 and its updating is long due.
I've submitted an inquiry for an update to http://www.esupport.com and their answer shows that an updated version does exist and that it includes the following new features:
Hard Drive support up to 137 GB
Faster Intel and AMD CPU Upgrade Kit Support
Windows 2000 and Windows XP Compliance
ACPI Specification for Advanced Power Management
CD-ROM + LS-120 Boot Support

Do you know where can I find an updated BIOS? Where should I search for such a source?

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It's PC Partner board. One of them that P829-2M.ZIP listed as BIOS (to be sure, check your board for 35-xxxx-xx number and find it at http://www.pcpartner.com/bios/i440.htm#440bx). The latest BIOS is:
BIOS-I-2M (2K001120)
b1120iag.bin file inside

Supports HDDs up to 128GB (137).
Patched and tested BIOSes are at http://wims.rainbow-software.org
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