Tyan S1467-01 and Maxtor 8.4GB

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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I just installed (tried) an 8.4GB on a Tyan S1467-01 and can't get it recognized as anything more than 2115MB HD no matter how I manipulate the settings. And it seems that there is no documentation for that particular motherboard. All I have been able to find is S1466 and S1468, apparently I have a problem since I have only found 1 reference that board in all my searches . After looking at the manuals for both the 66 and 68 , mine is definitely niether. I only say this because I have searched quite a bit, but to no avail. Short of buying an add on card, is there anything I can do ?

The Specs:
Tyan S1467-01 (from MoBo)
430FX Chipset (from device mgr and board reads 437FX)
Award Modular Bios V. 4.50PG
PM 7700 Version A
Maxtor 8.4GB HD
Win 98

Iv'e flashed before and luckily always successfully, so where do I go from here ? Modify the bios ?

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Can't find it - but should be something like Titan III. Older BIOSes have 2A59CT5JC, newer have 2A59CT5KC.
The latest BIOS should work upto 32GB - but contact Tyan techsupport BEFORE flashing.
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Weird... PM7700 is also an FX board, but Amptron.
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