MS-6167 with AMD Athlon K7 DEAD

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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I've an MS-6167 with AMD Athlon K7.
From one moment to another, the board ceassed to boot.
When I power up the system I just can see the Power suply cooler rotate and after less than 1 second it stops. It seams that when powered up the board sends a message to the Power suply for it to power down.
I tryed to put in the board some other board bios (from very diferent boards) and the most I can get is the PC Speaker to make continuous long beeps (I've already consulted the POST beeps from the Awards site and this just means board problem wich is normal because the bios I've tried is not for that board).
If I Remove the Processor with the bios attached, the coolers rotate (the board accepts the power given by the power supply).The same thing happens if The processor is in the board but the bios not. I've tried this with the minimal hardware(Processor, memory(I know the memory is good) board, bios, PCI or AGP graphic card and power suply).
I haven't still tried with an ISA Graphic card (because in the moment i don't have any ).
Do you have any sugestion for this

Thank You very much

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The fact that the power shuts down says the "pwoer good line" is not returning a good signal. This could be bios, memory, cpu or the board. Try testing the memory and cpu else where. Go to MSI and download the latest bios and see if you can somhow flash the chip. ... el=MS-6167
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