#8484 by Highlander
Tue Sep 24, 2002 12:53 pm
About a month ago, I tried to flash my bios to the latest version using teh Jetway bios flash utility (windows based) The file size was too small (161kb instead of 250 i think) which wrote to the bios on the second attempt, however it stated the file size was too small. I then re-flashed the bios with my original file and the machine crashed 1/2 way through :cry: on the reeboot, it won;t boot, just get a No-Dram post beep.
Have now brought a new motherboard (Gigabyte GA7ZMMH) and want to ressurect my old board. Can't hot swap as the new board has fixed bios + a different bios type.
Will my old chip have the boot-lock system, and if so can I just download the utility and try to re-flash.
If yes, where can I get the utility? Does anyone know what bios type is used in this board (it may be Phoenix as I think I saw a label somewhere on the board.)