#29607 by 78stonewobble
Wed Feb 09, 2005 10:50 am
Its a sad combination apparently my memory couldnt handle a 200 mhz fsb with the tweaks from the custom bios.

Now I am totally unable to get passed the C1 (memory) error that the diagnostic LED is giving me on boot up.

When I start the pc everything powers up as usual (fans cd's harddrives floppy).

The LED goes through these codes: FF -> C3 -> C1 and halts here every time.

Point is that it doesnt even get to the point where its sposed to read a emergency flash disk...

Sooooo do I have to get this one repaired?

Or do a bootblock attempt ? (have no idea what to short on the plcc)

Or wait a week and try a hotflash when I get an frn2-l back (is that possible with these 2 boards?)?

Any help would be appreciated :cry: