#37523 by anex
Sat Mar 11, 2006 4:59 pm
Board: Asus A7N8X
CPU: anthlon 3000
Vid: Geforce 4 4600 TI
RAM: 2 x 512 Kinston PC3200
HD: 80GB Western Digital (7200RPM)

Situation: Computer does not boot up.

- It starts, lights turn on, fans go on, keyboard flashes, then after a couple seconds, it starts all over again; nothing ever gets to the monitor. Having a boot floppy or boot cd does not matter, doesn't seem to get that far.
- I've disconnected the video card, hd, and ram; the system still reboots the same way
- I checked my power supply fans and they do turn on and move (I can't remember the model but it wasn't a cheap one)

So, I think my bios is toast and would like to reset it using the jumper settings. However, I can't find my mother board manual and therefore don't know where the pins are (though I think its the grouping next to the video card), nor what to set the pins to. I was wondering the following:

1) if someone new of an online manual for my mother board
2) if someone had some pictures of the mobo and what the jumper setting should be set to for reset
3) If someone could guide me through it without pictures

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.