#24156 by rocagil
Tue Mar 02, 2004 5:44 pm

I've got this pretty annoying problem with my motherboard. It's an AN7 board and had the latest(1.4) bios. My cpu is an unlocked XP 1700+ that has been able to go at 2100 MHz.

The thing I did was to first change the cpu parameters to 205 x 9.5 or something I know has worked earlier. When I rebooted the screen got black and not even the "Don't power off - saving data" screen came up. The post code is "90" i.e. "Complete uGuru initial process. AWARD BIOS take over booting job"

I had this thing once earlier when the system hung during the "Don't power off" screen. That time I RMA:d it but the dealer said the board was fine after they had flashed the bios so I got it back (working) and had to pay the shipping and testing fees.

Ok, back to my problem right now. I have hot-swapped the bios chip in a friends Asus (A7N8X-E, exact same bios chip) board and have been able to re-flash my bios chip with the latest 1.4 bios but it won't work in my board. The post code is still 90, it stays at 90 even if I try to boot the computer without the bios chip. I don't really want to put my friends Asus bios into my board in case my board corrupts his bios too.

Anyone got any ideas?