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Post Sat Aug 12, 2006 10:49 am
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Post Sat Aug 12, 2006 10:49 am
milenp New visitors - please read the rules.

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Hi all,

i tried update bios of my TM 2200
from 1.09 to 1.12 using Winphlash downloaded from acer site.
I choose bios file Elw80wph.m1c included in the zip file,
but my notebook after reset is dead. I am afraid of that I choose
bad file - the file is probably for another acer model (TM 2700).
How can I save my notebook now?
I have identical problem with karelxxx
pease help mi

Post Sun Nov 05, 2006 1:47 am
bazzer321 New visitors - please read the rules.

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Exactly the same thing happend to me and my travelmate 2200 ! It says in the readme file use Winphlash of which i did and i couldn't find the bios file which the app put in bios.wph but it didn't exist so i used the file which they included ELW80WPH.M1C and i flashed it with this but when i rebooted the machine i didn't boot at all and i nearly ended up with a brick.

Luckly the WinPhlash app backed up my bios to the drive so i took out the hard drive and connected it to my desktop comp an got the file off i found the files needed to make a crisis recovery disk namely (phlash16.exe, and minidos.sys) and i used my old bios file.

To recover your machine you need a USB floppy drive (CD DON'T WORK).

1). On a machine that works Download and Unzip the archive here Using the Floppy Image.exe write the bios.imz to a blank floppy disk the bios included works.

2). Remove battery, Plug in AC and USB floppy disk to your system.

3). Press Fn+Esc or Fn+B and don't release.

4). Press power button, and then release Fn+Esc or Fn+B.

5). Disk will load the image, you will hear several beeps while its flashing the bios do not power off during this, the machine will reset itself.

Hope this helps...:o)

Post Wed Jan 03, 2007 1:33 pm
Mikado New visitors - please read the rules.

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I also screwed up with the 1.12 Bios version for the Acer Travelmate 2200. But, fortunately everything works again. With a lot of googling and going to this site, i finally got the solution. What you've got to do:
1) Get a USB floppy drive. (you get them for little money on second hand auction shops and a clean floppy.)
On another pc:
2) Download the v1.07 version from the Acer ftp site.
3) Download (mail me if you can't google it)
4) unzip this file on c:
5) rename the bios v1.07 file to BIOS.WPH
6) put this file in the crisdisk project folder
7) Use crisdisk tool to create a bootable diskette and a bootable floppy with the files phlash.exe, minidos.sys and (the 1.07 bios file) bios.wph will be created for you
8)Put this floppy in the floppy drive connected to your Acer.
9) Make sure your travelmate has no battery, put in the AC-plug and hold the buttons 'Fn' and 'B'.
10) Push the power button, with the two other buttons still down.
11) If the power led start, release the 'Fn'and 'B' button.
12) If you're lucky, you'll hear lots of beeps.... Your computer will reset itself and start in Windows!!

If the booting doesn't succeed, try a different timing on releasing the 'Fn' and 'B' button.

Post Sat Jan 20, 2007 3:34 pm
bazzer321 New visitors - please read the rules.

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for all those ppl that keep emailing me here are the files again :

biosrecovery disk image/writer with bios file:

lone bios file :

This is from the Acer TM2200, Intel Celeron D 2.66GHz by the way.

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