#29152 by jordo
Mon Jan 17, 2005 10:13 am
I have a K7SOM+ 7.5C mobo with an AMI BIOS chip soldered on it. All other perpherals are onboard (except NIC and modem). I recently got hit by Chernobyl virus (W95.CIH) and my computer went dead immediately after trying to clean it using Norton Antivirus and rebooting. Everything seems to start OK with the processor fan starting and all the other LEDs lighting up OK. But there is no video-the screen is blank. The computer beeps once when I turn on power as if POST was successful but then the floppy drive light comes on and the drive tries continuously to access a diskette. I figured BIOS was flashed and was attempting a boot block recovery. So I tried the boot block recovery method for AMI chips using a MSDOS formatted diskette with the AMIBOOT.ROM file which I had obtained from the manufacturer's website (www.ecsusa.com) and tried to boot with it. But it did not work. It just beeps after every 7 seconds after it has tried to access the diskette and presumably fails to find the AMIBOOT.ROM file. I cant hot flash since my chip is soldered on.
Is this a BIOS problem or am I barking up the wrong tree? If so could Chernobyl be responsible? Can I rescue my mobo?

I do not know what else to do and would appreciate any help you can offer.