#33032 by vsible
Mon Jul 18, 2005 3:30 am
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#33032 by vsible
Mon Jul 18, 2005 3:30 am
Helloes to everyone reading this.

I am a new user here and i have read your rules and am fully ready to abide by them. i am going to be rather desciptive and logically owganized. Hope someone has a solution for me too, I've read so many success stories here, I hope to be another one.

The problem:

I have an Abit AN7 V1.0 motherboard, which i recently decided to flash to an unofficial BIOS. The BIOS is Tictac's Mantaray XT D26. The flashing process went rather smoothly. i flashed through WIN32 environment using Abit Flashmenu. Upon completion, the program asked me whether i wanted to restart, to which i clicked "OK".

I restarted and the first thing that i have noticed was that the logo changed to a nice Manta, i instinctively hit DEL to enter the BIOS. I did enter the BIOS successfully and at this point i was already celebrating the new BIOS. I loaded "Optimize Defaults", which is what the new BIOS's manual suggested i should do, afer what i hit Exit. Ive been asked whether i wanted to exit BIOS and save the settings to which i chose "Y" and hit ENTER.

I saw a red rectangle flash once. That is the regular warning box for Abit motherboards saying that the BIOS was going to save the settings and that i should not power off the machine. The millisecond following that rectangle the screen went pitch black and stay like that for quite some time (about 5 minutes). At that point i held down the power button for 5 seconds to shut the thing down.

Ever since then, when trying to turn on the computer, i get Error code "90" which means uGuru has finished initalizing and now the BIOS is going to take over the bootstrap process. The code appears on my motherboard's built in dual 7LED LCD. Along with that code i get the following:

1) Continuous beeps: high tone then low tone then high tone and so on...
2) No FDD activity a all
3) No monitor activity
4) All fans are spinning, all proper leds are lit

Things I've already tried:
1) Clearing CMOS
2) Taking out RAM sticks and leaving only one.
2) Disconnecting all unnecessary hardware (Pci cards and Storage devices)
3) Taking out everything but the CPU

Symptoms remain exactly the same: Monitor remains in standby mode, no FDD activity and all fans are powered well.

Thank you for your time reading this.