#29125 by Alberto
Sat Jan 15, 2005 3:56 pm
Guys ,

I flashed a bios this morning ( have done so a lot of times - always without trouble ! ) but now the PC wont start up anymore . No screen and no beeps at all !
I flashed it with the winflash utility asus provides - but whatever bios version i used - it couldnt verify the flash ( 3rd step ) . Even after i flashed back the original bios - it wouldnt verify it . I then closed the program and tried to restart the pc - but it wouldnt shut down windows properly - so i did a hard reset. Well now the pc wont boot no more . I tried making that bootfloppy with the 3 files - but it doesnt seem to access the floppy drive at all ! Tried removing the battery ( and power cable ) for a few minutes as well . What can i do now ?

System specs :

ASUS A7A266 MB ( Bios chip says Phoenix )

If there is any more info you need - let me know !

Thanks already ,