Asus A7M with Award/Phoenix Bios. Is there a Floppy recovery

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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Is there a was to do a floppy recovery disk with the bios on there like there is with AMI the and holding down Ctrl + Home?

My system died out of the blue, so I put in another processor and it still wont work. All I get is a blank screen when i turn it on. The monitor doesnt even go out of stand by mode. I took out the ram chip so I didnt have one in and my motherboard beeps. So i'm really stumped I've tried differnt video cards. My system was never overclocked and ran cool (For an athlon)
I flashed my bios about 4 months prior to this happening but it ran great afterward.
This is my last idea on getting the system to work. I did this to an Ami that stopped working and it worked when i did the thing

My system
Asus A7M w/AwardBios. PhoenixBios chip
AMD XP 2100
ATI All in wonder 128 Pro
256mb ram
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Is the Board looking for a disk in your Floppy drive or beeping with RAM inserted ?
If it doesn't beep with your RAM in please try a different RAM stick as yours may be damaged .
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