Asus A7S8X-MX Blind Flash?

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Hia guys i found this site whilst trying to find a soloution for my bios problem.
I updated the bios on my Asus A7S8X-MX using the asus update tool and everything seemed to go fine the bios seemed to install fine and i added my own image at the same time then it told me the process was finished and that i was to reboot my pc, but after i rebooted i got nothing??? my moniter stays in sleep mode and it doesnt get to the POST section i can just hear the fans and the cd/dvd drive spins so im hopping to boot from there.
I was wondering if anyone knows how i can try doing a blind flash from a bootable dvd ( iv no cd's left at the moment ) and i dont think the disk drive is being read, or if theres any other way to fix this problem?

Its driving me nuts i only got the pc off my sister a couple of days ago :x
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